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Produce Sorter

Purpose of this Job:
Responsible for grading, sorting and/or classifying unprocessed food and agricultural products by size, weight, color, or condition.

Safety Statement: 
This is a safety sensitive position.  It requires the employee holding this position to be responsible for his/her own safety as well as the safety of other employees.  Employee must be of clear mind and diligent while holding this position.  There is a high level of severity associated with a critical error in this position and all tasks must be done with precision.

Food Safety and Quality Statement
This position requires knowledge of and adherence to all food safety regulations and MBI food safety standards and quality standards. 

Essential Functions of the Job: 

  1. Grade and sort products (as assigned by supervisor) according to factors such as color, species, length, width, appearance, feel, smell, and quality to ensure correct processing and usage.
  2. Discard inferior or defective products and/or foreign matter, and place acceptable products in containers for further processing.

  3. Weigh products or estimate their weight, visually or by feel.

  4. Place products in containers according to grade and mark various grades on containers.

  5. Record product that was sorted and place product into net after sorting.

  6. Retag and slot product that has been sorted.

  7. All other duties as assigned

Equipment used in the Job:
Power riding jack & forklift   

Educational Requirement:
High school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma

Language Skills:
-Ability to follow written and verbal directions. 
-Ability to talk to others (internal customers/coworkers) to convey information effectively and professionally. 

Typical Physical and Mental demands of the Job:
Concentration, attentiveness, independent judgment and discretion, manage multiple tasks.  Must be able to see, hear, bend, stoop, reach, maneuver fingers and hands, and lift up to 50 pounds manually.     

Other Considerations: 
Must be able to work effectively in a team environment and interact professionally with internal and external customers as well as co-workers

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