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McAneny Brothers, Inc.

We Offer a wide variety of products for grocery & convenience customers

Fresh Produce

We stock over 950 fresh produce items, purchased direct from growers from all over the United States, Mexico and South America. We offer bulk foodservice produce, and we wholesale over 180 value-added salad items, over 60 refrigerated salad dressings, a complete line of herbs & seasonings, and a full line of nutritional beverages. We provide customers with a bulk nut program and a line of bird seed.

Fresh Meat

We stock over 600 fresh and smoked Meat Department items, which we buy direct from leading brands in the meat industry, including national brands like Hormel, Tyson, National Beef, and Butterball as well as regional favorites like Seltzers Meats, Kunzler and Uncle Charlie’s.


We stock over 600 fresh deli items, including a full line of deli meats, premium cheeses, delicious salads, and a number of private label products. We carry pre-sliced meats and cheeses along with assorted varieties of bulk shredded cheese for pizza and taco making. We also offer a numerous value-added salad and dessert options. There is always something new in our deli offerings.


We stock over 2,900 grocery items, purchased direct from leading national and regional brands. We also wholesale Hytop private label dry grocery products.

We pass manufacturer’s allowances on to our customers, and we have Weekly Ad programs, Event Ad programs and In-Store Ad programs.

Cigarettes & Tobacco

McAneny Brothers buys direct and reports to every major tobacco manufacturer in the U.S. We are licensed to sell cigarettes and tobacco in four states: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland.

We have a 99.8% fill rate on cigarettes and tobacco products.

We offer Plan-o-Gram services for Roll-Your-Own, Cigars, and all other tobacco. We pass along all deals and promos.


Confections & Snacks

We stock over 2,000 candy and snack items, including nearly every popular national brand candy bar and bagged snack. We offer Floor Shippers and Counter Units so our customers can be part of ongoing national promotions.  We also offer a full line of seasonal candy for every holiday, from Halloween treats to Easter jelly beans.

We also wholesale an extensive line of healthy Better for You products, one of the fastest growing segments of the candy and snack category.

Frozen Food

We stock over 1,500 Frozen Foods, including products for Foodservice, Bakery (Thaw-N-Sell and Proof and Bake), and Retail.  The ability to buy frozen foods with confidence is very important to our customers.

The Frozen category is key to a number of our programmed buying packages, from components in a store’s recipe, to Plan-o-Grams for a small grocery store or components in bakery department offerings. 


We offer a full line of supermarket bakery products as well as a wide variety of convenience single serve items. These include  breads, rolls, muffins, cookies, donuts and cakes. Many are available in easy to use Thaw & Sell as well as Raw Dough products. These include  nationally branded lines such as Hostess, Rich’s and Pillsbury plus many local favorites such as Shirley’s Cookie Company, Table Talk, Clover Hill, and Mrs. Freshley’s.

Dairy & Eggs

We stock hundreds of Dairy Department items, including Morning Fresh Private Label items. We are a licensed Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Wholesaler.  We offer RTD (Ready-To-Drink) Beverage Plan-o-Grams for Cold Boxes as well as Grab-N-Go Cases.

We offer a complete line of Esbenshade Eggs, which are received in our warehouse several times each week.

Health Beauty Wellness

We stock 850 health, beauty and wellness products, plus seasonal items such as summer sun tan lotion and winter lip balm. Often items in this category will have special Floor Shipper and Counter Promotional Units. We make these available to customers, and we pass on manufacturer’s allowances.

Store Supplies & Equipment

We stock over 700 store supply items from styro-foam coffee cups to deli paper wraps to register tape and cleaning supplies. We source our items direct to stay competitive with the market.

Food Service

We offer an extensive line of Foodservice products with Scratch, Prepared, and Packaged options. We wholesale fresh dough pizza, chicken, soups, breakfast favorites, roller grill items and much more. We have in-house food service specialists, trained and dedicated to helping our Foodservice customers. 

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